Temperatures are Falling!…Let’s Have a SALE!

Jane Johnson, Our Head Grower, has assembled a wonderful FALL assortment of plants for your gardens.

Our color, bloom time, and form-selected Mum and Aster collections are starting their beautiful display of colors.

Many varieties are hardy if planted in September into the ground.


Her signature Kale, Cabbage, Swiss Chards, and Feathery Greens are resplendent with deep shades of green and purples.


FALL is our last hurrah for your gardens to come alive with this myriad of seasonal choices.

Jane also has a few select plants for the inside of your home that you might embellish your coffee table or window sill.

Let us help you create your own Autumn Paradise with our seasonal offerings!

Where: Craig Bergmann’s Wadsworth Nursery
41817 N. Delany Rd.
Wadsworth, IL  60083
When: Friday Sept 22, 2017 time 2 pm-6 pm
Saturday Sept 23, 2017 time 8 am-1 pm