In the Garden: November’s Maintenance Checklist

november-gardenWe’re sharing the monthly garden maintenance checklists we use to nurture nearly 100 gardens to help you keep on top of maintenance in your own garden. 


  1. Stare out the window
    1. Bet that’s not on your to-do list very often, is it?! Now that the weather forces you to experience your garden more often from inside your home, critique your view out the window with fall in mind. Where would you like to see more autumn color next year? Where would be the perfect place to enjoy a new sugar maple’s fiery color next November? Take pictures, make notes.


  1. Plant
    1. Finish bulb planting. Don’t miss these tips on planting bulbs so they look natural.
    2. Take in any remaining overwinter plants.
    3. Plant winter pots. Find our 3 tips for outdoor décor that will survive winter.   TIP: If adding winter décor to existing pots, remove about 1 foot of potting mix from pots that will receive winter decorations before starting.


  1. Finish Fall Cleanup
    1. Cut back perennials that won’t be left until spring. Resist the temptation to cut back everything if it’s really only one or two plants that don’t look good. Careful editing can help you enjoy the other plants in your garden a little longer.
    2. Blow leaves
    3. Prepare for winter weather and cut any roses, Butterfly bush or Russian sage back by about half to increase stability and to shape into good winter form.
    4. Finish mulching
    5. Clean up autumn décor
    6. Clean out fall pots and store them for overwintering


  1. Protect and Winterize
    1. Winterize statues, fountains, stored pots with plastic wrap
    2. Continue putting up holiday lights
    3. Put up deer netting or fencing
    4. Put up burlap fencing where necessary to protect from salt or wind damage
    5. Finish spraying anti-desiccant


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