Garden Blues


Blue and white is the primary color combination for the décor and display gardens at this year’s CBG Antiques, Garden and Design Show  starting this week.  It felt both classic and trendy to us (think of the timelessness of gorgeous Chinese porcelain and the Grecian key motif that is springing up everywhere today.) The planted display areas we’ve designed feature this combination mixed with a third color to create both consistency and surprise.

In addition to the show gardens, we’ll have a pop-up shop chock-full of curious antiques I’ve collected over the last year and unusual plants to celebrate spring in your home and garden. If you attend the show, please stop by and say hello!


As we designed for the show, I started thinking a lot about blue in the garden. There are very few truly blue flowers.  Most shades coined ‘blue’ in the catalogs are really purple and it’s because of the rarity of a truly blue flower that I am so attracted to them.

Here are a few of my favorite blue(ish!) blooms and some combinations that help them to stand out or blend into your garden:


Gray or silver foliage, like  Heuchera ‘Paris’ and Nepeta mussinii and the softer tones of pink  in Aster coombe fishacre and Lilium ‘La Reve’ blend well with blue-toned blooms.







The pastel and royal blue tones of Campanulas, Agapanthus and Delphiniums can be more difficult to blend with other blue tones because their super-saturated color makes them stand out so clearly. Try contrasting them with the whites, yellows and magentas of Scabiosa ochroleuca, Kirengeshoma palmata or Physostegia ‘Vivid’.







Our native bottle gentian is the bluest of all with all the oddity of a balloon on a stem.  Pair it with the intense red orange Cupheas and Lychnis viscaria of summer.







Sometimes, though, just a little inspiration is best!

Craig Bergmann Landscape Design

Craig Bergmann Landscape Design







Craig Bergmann Landscape Design