Callicarpa ‘amethyst’ Berries in frost








The frost of October 22 intensified the brilliance of the incredible purple berries on the Callicarpa ‘amethyst’. We love all the gorgeous purple hues and their names – visual onomatopoeia:  lilac, lavender, indigo, violet, grape, eggplant, ultramarine, orchid, mauve, iris, blackberry, plum, magenta, amethyst, & thistle.

120px-Artichoke_in_Dalat,_VietnamThis intense purple artichoke flower blossom is from Dalat, Vietnam.

Purple, one of the oldest pigments used in prehistoric art, comes from Manganese and Hematite. Purple dyes are made from the sea snail murex and from the lichen orcein mixed with an an ammoniac, usually urine. Used by royalty and in religious ceremonies through centuries, purples are wildly popular today and contemporarily used to signify anti-bullying in gay/lesbian communities.

The Purple Heart. Purple HazePurple Rain.


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