“Make It Better” Porch Advise from CBLD

IMG_1971Craig contributed advise to the online magazine “Make It Better” article on how make  your porch more inviting. For him, the porch is the perfect spot for those garden treasures that have lost their usefulness in the garden, are too fragile, or need protection.

Linda Hewitt, Nursery Manager also added a few “sage” suggestions:

・If your porch is off the kitchen, there’s no better spot for a large pot filled with fresh herbs and lettuces.

・Move beyond wave petunias for your hanging baskets. Bergmann loves Tillandsia (air plants), or ferns in unusual containers like silver orbs.

・Introduce a wide variety of unusual plants in either a riot of mixed color, complimentary hues or monochromatic tones.

・Fill an old wire baker’s rack with geraniums in the new neon colors (hot pink, vibrant orange).

If you seek formality, try boxwood shaped as topiary, spirals and globes in classic iron urns. Vary the number and height, or add other wonderful and unexpected topiary such as fuchsia and coleus.

・Plant something delicious smelling outside the door like honeysuckle or lilacs. Place scented geraniums where the wind will waft the scent.

・Plant a shallow bowl with succulents, adding visual texture and color without a lot of maintenance.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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